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  • angrybirds

    When Online Meets Offline Experiences

    26th April 2012

    We used to think that online and offline experiences are two separate things. Online offers a wider reach to our audiences, 24/7. Offline offers tangible and visceral experiences. Can we get the best of both worlds? Today, the distinctions between the two are blurring. All thanks to advancement in technologies such as mobile internet, social media, location based services,… see more

  • bertand ernie

    The rise and rise of social shopping

    22nd December 2010

    While sites like E-bay and Amazon have opened up a new, global marketplace to ordinary consumers, the simple fact is that simply buying online doesn’t fulfill many of the psychological quirks that makes us humans so interesting.  Social commerce goes beyond merely allowing consumers to make purchase where they happen to be already – i.e… see more

  • chart

    Trends for design and UX in 2011

    21st December 2010

    We believe the mobile experience will ultimately mean a return to the web, rather than flipping between a series of standalone apps, but meanwhile, apps will continue to be the flavour of the moment throughout 2011. The challenge for designers and user experience professionals alike is to create interfaces that offer a unified experience regardless… see more

  • Christmas lolcat

    12 Days of Christmas…12 top trends for 2011

    13th December 2010

    We thought you’d probably have all the French hens, lords a-leaping and flashy agency Christmas cards you need already. So this year, to save you from tears (of boredom), we thought we’d give you something useful to put in your stocking. Twelve genuinely useful and important trends, apps, websites and essential pieces of digital intelligence… see more