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    Social media, digital campaigns and everything in between

    11th April 2014

    Tweet reporters at 4pm on a Thursday. This is a #legitimatesocialmediaconfession…#or #not. The media landscape has changed drastically over the years. To fully understand how best agencies should harness the power of social media and digital, we should first understand social media platforms beyond the surficial user phase. Having previously worked on a media landscape… see more

  • P1020834

    Social media saving lives: user generated flood relief

    20th January 2011

    Living in Brisbane we are blessed with many things, climate usually being high on that list, but as the world saw this last week that isn’t always the case. From the tragedy that unfolded one has to look at the positives that came out of it to find order in things. I amongst many others… see more

  • Raise your glasses

    Merry Christmas and a raised glass to 2011 from us all!

    24th December 2010

    It’s been a big year. 2010 has seen us deliver some amazing campaigns and sites including work with Phillips Healthcare ASEAN Pacific, the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Queensland Museum, UNHCR and the Benevolent Society. We’ve built mobile apps, worked on brand development, creative, social media engagement, user experience, projection mapping and a host… see more

  • Christmas lolcat

    12 Days of Christmas…12 top trends for 2011

    13th December 2010

    We thought you’d probably have all the French hens, lords a-leaping and flashy agency Christmas cards you need already. So this year, to save you from tears (of boredom), we thought we’d give you something useful to put in your stocking. Twelve genuinely useful and important trends, apps, websites and essential pieces of digital intelligence… see more

  • girlwithlaptop-small

    Technology Takes You Somewhere

    29th July 2010

    Look out all designers and developers: Gen Z girls are tech savvy and ready to step up to the plate! At least that’s what a day at the Technology Takes You Anywhere summit where Reading Room Brisbane hosted a workshop seemed to suggest. Girls today no longer need to fear the social stigmas attached with… see more

  • ipad

    The iPad and the Aus: our first look.

    11th June 2010

    I miss newspapers. When I was a kid, my parents owned a coffee shop in Adelaide and every morning before school, I would put out the papers while they were still warm.  I miss the tactile sensation of the paper beneath my fingers as I once flicked through pages. I miss the typography, I miss… see more

  • bday

    Happy Birthday to you!

    15th March 2010

    What better way to mark the important moments in the lives of the Reading Room crew than by publishing images like these… And we wouldn’t be us if we missed the chance to add an element of competition. Best caption for the image on the left wins a gold star… And if you think you… see more

  • rr

    One of us! One of us!

    10th February 2010

    Our Canberra office is looking for an experienced and highly organised web Project Manager with at least three years commercial experience. We need YOU if you’re a team player who is capable of running all aspects of a web development project, from its initial concept through to ongoing maintenance whilst delivering projects on time and… see more

  • photoshop

    Photoshop Friday

    4th February 2010

    There is a fine tradition in the digital industry (by which, of course, we mean it’s been around for seven or eight days) known as “Photoshop Friday.” The rules are simple: take a boring photograph, then use your design wizardry to create something extraordinary.  Ordinarily, of course, designers are accustomed to making images look better… see more

  • rr

    Not fade away: why Reading Room are the Rolling Stones of Adland

    29th January 2010

    A recent article on Mumbrella posed the interesting question “if agencies were bands, which bands would they be?‘ The piece left a vacancy open for the Rolling Stones. Here’s why we think we own that role. Gather no moss The Stones have been around since triceratops were roaming the hills. Reading Room is 13 years… see more