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    How the iPad revolution has transformed working lives

    4th April 2011

    iPad iPad iPad iPad iPad iPad iPad iPad iPad iPad iPad iPad….. As the touch screen tablet emerges as the must have device for pretty much the whole of our gadget obsessed population, it’s hard to dispute if there is any word that currently rivals the weight that one carries. Margaret Manning, the founder and… see more

  • ipadthumb

    Our favourite iPad and iPhone apps of 2010

    21st December 2010

    Here are (just a few of) our favourite apps…some of them are geeky, some of them groovy, and some are fun but futile. What are yours? AirSharing turns your iPhone into a portable hard disk drive (HDD) that you can read/write from WiFi. It means you can use the iPad as a file storage system…. see more

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    The iPad and the Aus: our first look.

    11th June 2010

    I miss newspapers. When I was a kid, my parents owned a coffee shop in Adelaide and every morning before school, I would put out the papers while they were still warm.  I miss the tactile sensation of the paper beneath my fingers as I once flicked through pages. I miss the typography, I miss… see more