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  • old spice

    Bye Bye Old Spice Guy…

    16th July 2010

      This intrepid intern returns from her hibernation with a confession. I spent the last week with someone. We met through a friend after lunch one day.  I apparently had to meet this guy.  It was a torrid affair – I only found out his name today – The Most Interesting Man in the World… see more

  • gillard

    Did you hear about the PM? #spill

    25th June 2010

    Late Wednesday night, I (like many others) noticed something ‘up’ on my facebook news feed. We all caught on of course, it was nigh on impossible to miss the news that Julia Gillard had challenged Kevin Rudd for the leadership and Kevin had asked for a special caucus the next morning to address the matter…. see more

  • edge

    The Edge – Digital Culture Centre – Launch weekend

    1st March 2010

    Right on our doorstep in Brisbane is a brand new initiative from The State Library of Queensland called The Edge. Never ones to say no to a party and an excuse to leave the office a bit early, we came down for a look and a beer or three on Friday night. The space is… see more