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  • facebook

    Facebook privacy changes: what they mean, and why you should care

    25th May 2010

    Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has admitted that the company have “made a bunch of mistakes” in the recent privacy changes to the social networking platform. While the developments announced at the f8 conference represent an exciting new phase for web developers and advertisers alike, the ability to “socialise” your experience across the web has some… see more

  • photoshop

    Photoshop Friday

    4th February 2010

    There is a fine tradition in the digital industry (by which, of course, we mean it’s been around for seven or eight days) known as “Photoshop Friday.” The rules are simple: take a boring photograph, then use your design wizardry to create something extraordinary.  Ordinarily, of course, designers are accustomed to making images look better… see more

  • rr

    Not fade away: why Reading Room are the Rolling Stones of Adland

    29th January 2010

    A recent article on Mumbrella posed the interesting question “if agencies were bands, which bands would they be?‘ The piece left a vacancy open for the Rolling Stones. Here’s why we think we own that role. Gather no moss The Stones have been around since triceratops were roaming the hills. Reading Room is 13 years… see more