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  • 2013-09 Maurice-Pinterest

    Digital storytelling for immersive user experience

    3rd October 2013

    Stories are an intrinsic part of society and culture. Civilizations are formed with stories, from cave drawings to books to light shows, everything has a narrative. Every one of us has a story to tell.

    A good story will transport you to another world, time and space. Whether it is a book or a movie, a captivating storyline will draw you in. You experience the character’s every emotion, sensation and thought. All your five senses are engaged and awakened.

  • Hammock

    Swinging on the Vine

    12th February 2013

    Just as marketers think that all their social media ducks are in a row along comes another platform to disrupt the landscape. And unlike recent entrants Google + and the revamped MySpace I think this one has a genuine chance of being the next Facebook, Twitter or Instagram in its impact on how brands engage… see more

  • 2013Home-220x100

    Trends for 2013

    3rd January 2013

    Happy new year, and welcome to 2013. This time of year is about looking forward over the months to come, and so to that end we asked a few people at Reading Room what they thought might be the big trends for digital in 2013. The results are pretty interesting. Rob identifies the creation of a… see more

  • 48hr small

    The Sixth Annual 48 Hour Game Making Competition – Part 2

    29th September 2012

    A countdown projected onto the wall tells me there’s eleven hours left to go. That means 37 hours have passed since the teams received the three words that would define the next two days of their lives. ‘Spring’, ‘light’ and ‘monster’. Marks are awarded for creativity in integrating these three words, encouraging some really imaginative… see more

  • 48hr small

    The Sixth Annual 48 Hour Game Making Competition – Part 1

    27th September 2012

    As an entertainment medium, video games have only been mainstream for a relatively short period of time. Motion  pictures have been around since the late 1800s and music has been entertaining people since before time was  recorded. Games, on the other hand, didn’t really hit the big time until the 1970s and have experienced a… see more

  • ux-small

    How to tell if you are a UX geek (and what you can do about it)

    3rd August 2012

    Most people go through life opening doors, using cash machines, reading bus timetables and using a television set without a second thought. And then there are those of us who notice that the door handle looks like you can pull, but you have to push. That it doesn’t make sense to have to type in… see more

  • pinterest

    Pinterest: Let’s get visual

    28th June 2012

    So Pinterest is the fastest growing social media site…ever. In March of 2012, Pinterest received over 2.3 billion page views. It also averaged about 4 million unique visitors daily. But what is all the hype about and should I get involved?

  • White Space

    Meet #WhiteSpace – The art of balancing

    26th April 2012

    What is white Space? Has your Designer protested when you’ve asked them to fill in a space that is meant to be there? Always? Don’t be worried, they are doing their job!  What your Designer is concerned about is the balance of “Whitespace” also known as  “negative space” – if taken away the structure is compromised. For example… see more

  • yellow brick road

    What journey are you taking your users on?

    12th December 2011

    A recent project I started, which involved mobile interaction within a physical space geared at youth, had left me with many questions as to how to best engage users within such a scenario. All solutions were pointing to the buzzword of 2011 – “Gamification”. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: Gamification is the use of game… see more

  • microsoftcup

    Microsoft Imagine Cup Finals – The results

    16th May 2011

    The Imagine Cup regional finals were held last week, and it is a great success! We are very impressed with the turnout and the quality of all the projects submitted by the other teams. Reading Room would also like to congratulate the Queensland University of Technology team for their impressive commitment and effort in the Mum2Be… see more