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  • A digital conversation about building the next web

    3rd May 2014

    Change is afoot! Every digital discipline from technical architecture and programming to interface design and customer experience is experiencing a rapid evolution. Tools and techniques we’ve grown accustomed to are being challenged by new ideas and approaches that are better suited to new contexts brought about by emerging technologies like the Internet of Things, cloud... see more

    • by simon
  • 2014: the year Hackathons got serious

    19th March 2014

    ‘Hackathons’ and ‘retail banking’ are not phrases that most people would think would go together. Last week I attended an event run by Lloyds Banking Group that certainly changed my mind about that. The event, Innovation Jam, was a hackathon for developers, business analysts and technologists to come together and make mobile apps that might... see more

    • by Ian
  • How can digital help arts & culture organisations thrive?

    4th February 2014

    Digital technology is transforming various aspects of the arts and culture sector. From digital marketing and social engagement, to experiential and interactive technology, to experimental digital art forms – the potential impact is staggering. But arts and culture organisations also face huge economic challenges, and a constant struggle to keep pace with a rapidly changing... see more

    • by simon